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UFC 141 Gina Carano Interview with Mike Goldberg

Posted by: Jen on December 31, 2011

At UFC 141 Gina Carano did an interview with Mike Goldberg which she predicted Alistair Overeem would win.  She also promoted the movie Haywire.

Mike: How great was it to be in the movie Haywire?  Tell us about it.
Gina: It was one of the best experiences in my life. I got to be physical, I got to do stunts and I got to act with some the best actors. Work with the best director, Steven Soderbergh so it’s been pretty incredible.
Mike: I remember that day watching you rip the pads going this girl nasty. Then you had great success truly is a pioneer in mixed martial arts. But did you ever really believe it would lead to all of this?
Gina: I just kept my heart pure. I shoot for the stars so as long as you do that you’ll be happy no matter what. I just landing myself in some pretty cool places.
Mike: The one thing you talked is that you were able your great Muay Thai skills your athleticism on the set. Did they really put you to the test athletically?
Gina: Ya they really did! It was really a whole different ballgame stunt fighting but I definitely brought some Muay Thai Jujitsu and lot of ass kicking.
Mike:  I love it. I can’t wait to see it Haywire in theaters January 20th.
Also Gina Carano did a sexy dance in the crowd.  Gina Carano Sexy Dance Video
Credit: pOd

Gina Carano In GQ Magazine

Posted by: Jen on December 20, 2011

One hot Gina Carano GQ picture which some are calling the best one of all-time.

“On the surface, it’s like countless other action films starring women: Steven Soderbergh’s
Haywire focuses on a beautiful, toughas-nails secret agent who beats the living crap out of the men who get in her way (including Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender). The difference is that this time the star—Gina Carano, a.k.a. the Face of Women’s MMA—could, in fact, kill you with her foot.”
Gina Carano will also be in the January edition of Elle Magazine.
Source: Magazine Article, Behind the Scenes Video
Credit:  Special thanks to GQ Magazine for sending us the Gina Carano GQ HD Photo

Gina Carano Featured on Elle Magazine Cover

Posted by: Jen on December 19, 2011


Just wait till champion MMA fighter Gina Carano gets her hands on Hollywood
Gina Carano picture in GQ Magazine

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