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Gina Carano on the prospect of The Fast and Furious 6, recollecting Haywire, karoake & more…(*updated 04/30)

Posted by: p0d on April 27, 2012


-Gina shows a reporter how to wrap hands (PaulaLamas)
-recalling Haywire, going from it to Fast 6, & more (MTV –  @KPSull)
-her action role and responsibility, & more (MTV – @KPSull)
-her background, the men of Haywire, & more ( StarPulse)
-musicals, karoake, feminine strength , & more (TheInsider)

“We got a call about two weeks ago to do ‘The Fast and the Furious 6,“ Carano said. “We’re in negotiations for that, so if that goes through, that will be a really cool opportunity for me to get my feet wet on another big-budget film and be around all these different types of actors.” Carano seemed pleased at the idea of appealing to different bases of fans within the action genre, moving from the art-house appeal of “Haywire” to the mainstream explosions of “Fast & Furious.”
“I’m going to go from the ‘Haywire’ crew to the ‘Fast 6’ crew, so I’m going to get a very broad range of knowledge as far as people go,” she said. “It’s like two different high school groups. You’ve got the very artistic, and then you’ve got the action group of athletes, like hard-core. Very different personalities there.” Carano is in negotiations to play a member of Dwayne Johnson’s team in the upcoming sequel directed by “Fast Five” helmer Justin Lin. As for whether Carano has begun sizing up her soon-to-be castmates, she said that’s not something she has to think about.
“No, I’m pretty secure. I don’t need to size anybody up. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about giving a good performance and understanding my character. That’s what I’ll focus on.” The actress wouldn’t say for sure how close she was to signing on, but remained optimistic about her prospects.
“It will be really good for me, and I’m completely open to it,” Carano said. “If negotiations go good, we’ll probably start filming that.” (..continued)
( – Kevin P. Sullivan @KPSull )

Chuck Norris video tribute to Gina Carano at ActionFest, J.J Perry & more

Posted by: p0d on April 24, 2012

Watch the legendary Chuck Norris honor Gina Carano in this testimonial video that preceded her award at ActionFest 2012, as well as Action Director of the Year, J.J. Perry. Also, checkout special video montages of rising action star, Cung Le, and action luminaries, Jack Gill and Mickey Gilbert, by clicking here.

( – (credit: swinjen)

( – (credit: swinjen)

Fast and Furious 6 Likely adding Gina Carano to Cast

Posted by: Jen on April 23, 2012

The action franchise Fast & Furious is in negations with Gina Carano to add her to the cast for the upcoming film Fast & Furious 6.
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are also expected to star in the upcoming movie.  Neal H. Moritz and Diesel will be back as film producers. The director will be Justin Lin and Chris Morgan will be writing the script for the new movie.
Fast Five also known has Fast & Furious 5 set a record for the best opening weekend in Universal’s history and grossed more than 600 million worldwide.
The first series of Fast & Furious made it debut back in 2001 and has grossed more than $1 billion.  Shooting for Fast & Furious is expected to get started in May/June and the movie In The Blood will be shot in late summer.
Source: Hollywoodreporter

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