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There are the top 5 reasons why the UFC needs WMMA

Posted by: Jen on August 8, 2012

Dana White has warmed up to WMMA after seeing the Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate fight. Though still the state of womens MMA hangs in the balance of the current deal the UFC has with Showtime.
Here are the top 5 reasons why the UFC needs WMMA
1. Expand the MMA Audience
In order to keep the sport of MMA growing, the UFC will need to work towards expanding the fanbase. Woman are very much an undertapped audiance.
2. Boost PPV Numbers
There are only so many title holders in men’s MMA so it makes sense add women fights to the mix.  It’s likely to many viewers a women’s title fight or any major fight would be either the #1 or #2 reason for them to tune into a PPV event.
3. Low Cost to Maintain
Right now there are only 2-3 major weight classes for WMMA vs 8 for the UFC. They are also not as deep so overall it wouldn’t cost much to maintain those divisions.
4. Prevent Bellator from Taking the Woman’s Division
The UFC has done many acquisitions in order to keep them as the #1 place for MMA fighters. Bellator has good reason to start snatching up the top talent in the woman’s division if the UFC doesn’t step up to the plate.
5. People Want to Watch Woman Fight
If you look at the numbers for 2012, there were 506,000 viewers for the Tate vs Rousey fight. This is far more than the 344,000 the Keith Jardine vs Rockhold got in 2012.  Women fighters have earned a great deal of respect from fans over the years and people want to watch them perform.
Talk is cheap so people are wondering when and if woman will headline a major PPV event.