Gina Carano – more at ActionFest 2012, also featuring Cung Le & JJ Perry (*updated 4-20-12)

Posted by: p0d on April 17, 2012

Chick Norris Award winner Gina Carano, speaks about authenticity in action films & more:

  • – in a ReelzChannel video (
  • – in an interview with The Action Flick Chick –MTV (,
  • – with JJ Perry & Cung Le, giving ten ways to make better action films (
  • Then, Fight Director of the Year JJ Perry, expounds on his craft, as well as past & current projects. (,

Let’s begin with how you became an MMA fighter.
I was just kind of going to college because that was what everybody around me told me to do. I didn’t have any passion and trying to find myself. I was dating a guy at the time who loved Bruce Lee. One night we were all hanging out drinking 40s, and he was like, “You know what? I’m gonna be done with this life. I’m gonna lose you if I don’t improve my life.” So he went the next day to Master Toddy’s Muay Thai. I would go and watch him. Finally, the Thai master to me, “Oh baby, you need to lose weight. You fat.” And I was like, “Oh God, like, okay.” I signed up for lessons with him, and five months later I found myself in San Francisco in a little tiny gym, kind of like a “Fight Club”-type of scenario. And I was fighting. Ever since I did that, I was just kind of addicted to it.

Do you have go-to badass move?
I was in a fight in high school, and I overhand-righted this girl because she started attacking me at a basketball game. My first ever fight! I’ve had professional fighters come up to me and ask me about my overhand-right. It just came so naturally. (…continued)

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