Gina Carano Conan O’Brien Video

Posted by: Jen on January 19, 2012

Gina carano on conan obrien

Here is the Gina Carano Conan Video from the Conan O’Brien show which aired January 19, 2012 on TBS.

She talks about the movie Haywire, how she got started in MMA and other topics as well.

  • Jen

    Gina, you are so sweet. I just watched you on Conan and loved your interview. You did such a great job. I hope you have a very long career in Hollywood!!

    • Joe

      Indeed she did an Amazing job in the interview. Conan was really funny ha

  • TJ

    Gina is super sweet/sexy and yet super tough and cool, perfect gf material and I wish you all the best in your career MUCH LOVE!!!

  • Frankie

    I hope she keeps getting actually interviews as opposed to the the post-fight/pre-fight ones. She’s so interesting and funny!

  • Mike

    I’m glad she quit fighting. She is much too beautiful for that. Lets tell it like it is. She is the most drop dead beautiful woman in North America. I hope she makes Trillions.

  • I love you,Gina.I hope to meet you as kneel down to truley worship you.Peace and love honey

  • Robert

    Thaaat bish cray. “I punch myself.”