Gina Carano comments on voice alteration work for Haywire

Posted by: mkygod on January 11, 2012

There’s been much ado about Gina’s lines in Haywire being altered or replaced with another actresses voice. See 18:50 in the radio interview to see her response to these allegations:

  • Ted

    So Gina’s voice is altered throughout the entire movie? If so, I would consider this quite disappointing.

    I am sure the director and the entire teams knows what they are doing, … but seriously?

    • p0d

      not the whole thing, T. but I agree it was a bad call to do it.

      GINA: Yeah absolutely and I’m surprised that hasn’t come up sooner. Stephen Soderberg wanted Mallory Kane [the character she plays in the movie] to be a completely different entity than Gina Carano. So he definitely went in and I went in to AVR and he did some tweaking. We all knew that that was going to come up because people know me so well in the MMA world. But he is quite a genius in what he has created and it still was an honor to be a part of it. Even though it might not sound exactly like me, there are still parts of me that are in there. But he just wanted to make sure that that entity was completely different from myself.

  • Jen

    Pretty much any movie has been altered for both sound and picture. It’s just part of the magic behind movies. The problem is only when something is altered in such a way that it becomes no longer believable.

  • T.M editor Russ Fischer:

    “Given that Carano was a willing participant in the alteration, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. It’s not like she saw the film and discovered that James Earl Jones’ voice had been laid over her own. People are altered all the time for their appearances in films, whether via makeup, prosthetics, or digital manipulation.

    So there’s not even a huge story here, even if some of the ADR and voice alteration also had to do with enhancing Carano’s relative lack of acting skills. That sort of correction happens relatively frequently, too. But for those who were already fans of Carano and wondered what was going on after watching the clip, now you know.”