Gina Carano to Star In The Blood Action Movie

Posted by: Jen on February 14, 2012

Gina carano in the blood

Gina Carano will star in the upcoming movie In The Blood directed by John Stockwell whose prior movies include Into the Blue and Blue Crush.

Described as being in the vein of Taken, Blood is set in motion when a husband disappears while vacationing in the Caribbean with his wife, to be played by Carano. The grieving wife passionately and recklessly pursues the men whom she believes kidnapped and killed him.

Stockwell said

This role will showcase not only Gina’s fighting skills, but also her acting abilities as her character struggles to reign in her violent past.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin in late spring or early summer in Puerto Rico with production partners Pimienta Film Company (The Men Who Stare At Goats).  The film will also likely use Haywire’s stunt team “87eleven” for the new movie.

Source:  Hollywood Reporter

  • BRAVO GINA~~~~~~~

  • April

    I’m glad they said they’re gonna focus on her acting. I think Gina could be the next big action star, but Haywire…what the hell was that? Yes, the fight scenes, best EVER, but the rest of the movie was bad, and it wasn’t because of Gina’s acting. I think that they went to such great lengths to cover up the fact that she couldn’t act, that it ruined the movie. Dubbing her voice was the worst thing ever. Also, she barely spoke the entire movie. She’s the main character and she hardly says ANYTHING. I spent half the movie waiting for her to speak and she never did, which meant no character development, I didn’t really get why she cared about channing tatum, because they only said a few words to each other. I think Tatum actually had more lines than her. I get that the girl can’t act, but this is an action movie, bad acting is always expected, and what did they think Tatum was just shinning on the screen? She held her own against him without any acting classes. That says something. The movie stunk and it wasn’t her fault.
    What would be awesome is instead of her playing wonder woman, they make Xena into a movie, and made it darker like “Batman Begins”. I wanna see Gina swinging a sword and kicking people in the face.

    • F.J

      I only agree on the ADR to her voice and the Gina’s newbie overachievement. The vocal alter is as eccentric as choice as Soderbergh not having acting coach prep for Gina.

      The minimal speaking fit the character just like it did for The Rock in ‘Faster’ (Billy Bob notwithstanding) and Kurt Russel in ‘Soldiers’. Both guys can act their butts off but that was the character. I don’t think that top free agent in the spy-for-hire game Mallory Kane is gonna be a chatterbox. You said yourself you went in with “wants”(for her to speak) going into it. It wasn’t met so there has to a lack of character development beyond Gina’s newb acting limitations?! She didn’t want to be Fassbender’s wife/armcandy. There’s your character. Just what do you suggest for more, when? She was attracted to Tatum as one would be on a high octane excursion like a mission – all looks and hormones. Were they to share words and find a deep connection in the prep hours before their secret spy job? Later, she either observed that he turned back to her side before dying. The only one amongst that crew. It aint complex, but it works as a reason. The only big continuity error in the whole movie is that she doesn’t kill in the chase scene. I agree with the critics – only Soderbergh could masterfully craft a project around a non-actor lead with a rare skill amongst leading actors, and he delivered on his eccentricities (that lose mass audiences) and Carano gave more than anyone could’ve expected.

      • April

        I get the whole silent brooding thing, and if that’s how you want the character played, that’s fine, but then have mcgregor narrate or something. A lot of people felt like this movie was confusing and slow, I think it’s because the movies goes for long chunks of time without any dialogue. Maybe a narrator would have helped piece the plot together.

  • I liked her in Haywire – mostly the action of course, but she has potential for certain. I don’t know about the director though . . .that could be an issue

  • April

    I hope this next character shows how she can be a leading lady as well, maybe mr & mrs smith-ish where she seems sweet and likable then BAM killing dudes with her thighs.

  • AL

    Finally, we got tough a (good-looking) girl and hope she stays as a action star. Only in anime we could see a girl that can fight. I hope she becomes a model citizen, I know its cheesee, but women need a good role model.

  • Angel Pomales

    Haywire was great. Watch it all the time. I think the character she played was awesome. She looks really cool in camo paint. She’s very pretty when she dresses for dinner. She’s very athletic. She can take a punch. She has so many wonderful attributes. I love her. Your the best Gina. Keep it up. The only bummer I have is that she maybe done with MMA. That’s why I feel in love with her.