Gina Carano’s early thoughts on Fast 6, The Rock, other co-stars and more

Posted by: p0d on May 13, 2012

You also had a fantastic cast to work with. How welcoming were they? Did they teach you anything?
-They are some of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life. I adore every single one of them and they treated me with such respect and with open arms. They all really took care of me and I took care of them in the fight scenes (laughs), it was a nice trade off!
Speaking of fight scenes, some are very brutal in the film, especially the opening sequence with Channing Tatum.
-He’s a big guy (Tatum), he’s not small at all and he just slams my face into a table and it’s like America’s Sweethearts! He’s been a fan of MMA for a long time and was so excited to get in there and train for the fight scenes, he also love loved to taunt me, he wanted a story to tell (laughs). One of my favourite fight scenes is the hotel scene with Michael Fassbender, I think that is really special. That was the very first fight scene that we shot and that was a very cool scene.


I’m very envious of the great cast you got to work with.
-(On the whole cast) They were all so incredibly open, all turned up with a smile on their faces, worked hard and didn’t mind getting physical. I felt on a high the whole time I was filming, surrounded by these incredible people. (On McGregor) Probably one of the loveliest people I have ever met in my life. (On Fassbender) He was the first person I acted with and he’s so special, you just get stuck watching him. He was on so many different levels so quickly I would get stuck. I didn’t know who he was, I just knew he was the guy with the big smile from 300!
Your next film is Fast Six, how did you get involved in that project?
-We were actually working on a different film and we got a call, which we knew was a possibility, so the film got pushed to a later date and now we are doing Fast Six. It’s a cool, big budget film and completely different from Haywire and it will give me good experience and knowledge of the range of Hollywood. We are close to signing the contract now and I think it starts shooting in July.
Can you shed any light on your character?
-(laughs) I’m not sure what I can say! It’s in very early development so I’m not sure I’m allowed.
Obviously Fast Six is another film where you will be working with another strong cast. Is there anyone specific you are mostly looking forward to working with?
-I’m really looking forward to working with all of them, the women and the men. I didn’t have a lot of females in Haywire so it will be a nice change. Everybody’s said nothing but good things about The Rock and I’m looking forward to meeting him because he’s done a fantastic job with his career going from athlete into acting and I really respect that. I’ve always been a Vin Diesel fan and my favourite film of his is Pitch Black. Also Michelle Rodriguez, and I know Luke Evans has just signed on and I’m a fan of his too. It’s going to be a beautiful experience for me.
You mentioned Michelle Rodriguez, can we look forward to a head-to-head with her at all?
-(laughs) I don’t know if I can say. Maybe.
We touched upon Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Do you look at his career and see his path as one you would want to follow?
-I think it’s important in any career to pave your own way. When I got into fighting I didn’t look at anybody and how they were doing, I just kept doing what was natural for me. I like what The Rock has done and respect him but I’d love to stay true to myself.
Finally, other than Fast Six, do you have any other future projects in the pipeline?
-We were working on In The Blood before Fast Six came along and pushed it back. It’s similar to Taken and is something I’m really looking forward to filming eventually when we get our schedules worked out. We have a bunch of projects we can hopefully dive into after Fast Six.
Would you ever consider a return as Mallory Kane in another Haywire movie?
-I’d love to because I now understand more about getting into character. I don’t know whether it would happen though, we will see. Maybe Steven Soderbergh will wake up one day and say ‘hey, let’s do it again.’

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