Haywire Movie Clips Sneak Peak at the Film Haywire

Posted by: Jen on January 6, 2012

Here are some Haywire movie clips from the actual scenes in the movie haywire.

Haywire Movie Clip 2

Haywire Movie Clip 3

See all the trailers and complete haywire movie description here: Haywire Trailers

So with all the clips and trailers you have seen so far, what are your first impressions of the movie Haywire?

Credit: swinjen

  • Hey Gina,

    I can’t wait for Haywire to come out! I’m a Wing Tzun student in Ireland. Just wondering how long your were in Dublin during filming and if you’ll coming back for the premiere?

  • Ron Frazer

    Reviews are already coming in….3 out 5 4 out of 5 stars!!!!
    Is there anything this aldy cant do well????

    • Ron Frazer

      lady lady