Haywire NY screening: Gina Carano pics and quotes

Posted by: p0d on December 1, 2011

Gina Carano: “I’ve dealt with men larger than me, smaller than me, I’ve been hit where I can’t catch up with my head, and I’ve been hit not so hard. It’s all about the chemistry with the person. There were no egos involved, it was all about creating the best fight scene that we could. It was ok to get hurt. With the stunt guys also, they were used to actresses. I actually had to tell that one stunt guy, ‘No, you put me into that wall as hard as you can.’ And he put me into it so hard I actually went white for a second. But I actually enjoyed that. Is that weird? …Fighting is the most honest form of communication you can get. [Michael]Fassbender just became a mentor to me, he was so supportive. And he was so down to just bang into everything we could, vases, everything. He always was like ‘We need to slam our head into that wall a little harder.

credit: Lara

Director Steven Soderbergh commented that when co-star Channing Tatum first saw the film, he commented, “God, it’s so much fun to watch [Gina] beat her way through the cast. The venerable Director added, [Gina] had to convince both Channing and Michael, You can hit me. There was a little bit of that, and you had to go, ‘Come on. In the hotel room fight scene,” Soderbergh relates, “which was rehearsed at length, for weeks, our lead stunt choreographer explained to Michael ‘Listen, here’s what’s going to happen. When she reaches for the vase, your instinct is going to be to look at it. Don’t do that, because if you do that, she’s going to hit you right in the eye with it.’ They drilled this into him, and sure enough, on take one, she grabbed it, and he looked right at it, and she hit him right, flush — and it’s the take that’s in the movie. That’s the good news. But he really got clocked. I mean it’s breakaway, but you don’t wanna get hit by her with this at full tilt. He took a beating.


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  • Jr

    “And he put me into [the wall] so hard I actually went white for a second. But I actually enjoyed that. Is that weird?”

    Someone has a fetish they aren’t fully aware of yet.

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      they should call it mick foley disease

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    Very cool, and very talented…I just realized we were born 3 days apart mines april 13th 82…