Interviews – Gina Carano on her status, Haywire, her next movie, new stunt training, & more

Posted by: p0d on April 13, 2012


CraveOnline & spoke with Gina Carano on: Haywire, her status, new movie ‘In The Blood’ and more.

Congratulations on your ActionFest award.
Thank you, thank you. It’s really cool that they finally have an award like that that they’re giving out and I’m really looking forward to seeing the women after me get it.

What highlights from your fights do you hope they show in the clip reel?
You know what, I’ve never actually been to one of these award things, so they’re going to show a clip real? I’m fine with whatever. They can show anything. I’m really proud to have come from MMA and to be a part of that. I think it’s an amazing sport and they’re such wonderful people and such wonderful females that are part of it too, so it’s really kind of an honor to represent my sport in that way. It’s really kind of awesome also for me to represent stunts because I think those people put out such wonderful, beautiful fight scenes that we get to enjoy all the time and they actually put their lives on the line a lot of the time too and it’s really nice to be a part of an event that really shows people that side to it and honors people that are part of the stunts and all that.

Have you gotten new fans from movies?

Yeah, I think so. I’ve been actually surprised. A lot of people enjoyed the film Haywire and a lot of people have mixed feelings on it but regardless, a lot of people have said really wonderful things about it being my first experience, that the fighting they absolutely enjoyed. So I think I’ve gotten a lot more fans actually. I’m so surprised. I’m really surprised how many people knew me as Gina Carano. MMA has a beautiful fan base.    (continued)

(credit: EoinA)

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  • art medina

    I love and support every thing you do ” keep kicking that a** lol Gina your biggest fan Artie ”

  • Gurmeet Singh

    Hi Gina, i have seen u 1st time on discovery science channel (india), yesterday. I became ur big fan. Today, i have seen ur fight videos…. dats amazing… u fight very fast. Superb

    ur new big fan
    Gurmeet Singh Sian

  • Joe Koenig

    Hi Gina,
    Haywire was the first time I saw you in action. Obviously, because I am making the effort to write in “comments”, you were great. I have already checked online when your next pictures will be coming out. My very best to you and as they say in show business “break a leg” but not your’s. I hope they are insured, like Betty Grable’s was.

    Joe K.

  • TheBunkis .

    Just marry me, Gina….for the love of God, just please marry me!!!!