Profile: Fight Choreographer of ‘HAYWIRE’ – J.J. Perry (*exclusive film notes included)

Posted by: p0d on September 22, 2010

J.J. ‘Loco’ Perry is an elite U.S Army veteran who has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years, as well as having been a successful competitor. He has witnessed first hand, the world go from TMA (traditional martial arts) to MMA. In his award winning stunt career (2003 Taurus Award winning) he has both worked and trained with a pantheon of martial arts icons, from Chuck Norris & Jet Li to Tony Jaa, Scott Adkins, MMA Legend Randy Couture and many, many more. Recently, he’s been directed by James Cameron in the biggest film in history, ‘Avatar’ and now by Steven Soderbergh in ’Haywire’. (Click for original pic)

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the man behind the action

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-Gina Carano was “amazing…exceptional with the choreography, and a pleasure to work with”.

-Due to her physical prowess, there was no traditionally extensive need for stunt doubling. Her ability can be considered among the upper echelon of stunt performers in the business due to her martial arts/athletic base.

-Along with her angelic smile, she possesses an immaculate, right roundhouse kick.

The report of Carano accidentally knocking out a stunt coordinator in practice sessions was responded with a laughter accompanying, “No comment.”

-In regards to that same top film site reporting that several unnamed, male action stars declined participation due to the prospect of being dominated by a female, while also in a supporting role, the renowned stuntman spoke particularly well of leading action and dramatic actor, Channing Tatum, one of Carano’s co-stars in the film.

-Fans can look forward to not seeing the usage of frenetic and obscured viewing angles (a la The Bourne Supremacy) either due to filming style or the actor’s limitations.

-They also shouldn’t expect to see the over-the-top maneuvers (“flips, hurrican-ranas, etc.”) seen in other action films. Haywire is “violent and gritty”…emphasizing environment interaction.

-J.J. had a message for new martial artists, including those inspired by Carano – “There’s no end to the journey of finding one’s self through martial arts, and that journey must include great challenges…testing one’s self to the fullest.”

(*editor’s note: extends much thanks to J.J. Perry. We wish ‘Loco’ continued success in his prolific career. Also, thanks to the fans who submitted questions months ago. Out of respect for privacy and professional courtesy, a much more detailed interview was honorably declined.)