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Gina Carano on: Rihanna (literally), naked Fassbender (NOT literally), joining a top stunt team, mma, action role models & more *updated 05/03

Posted by: p0d on May 1, 2012

“It looks really positive and I’m so excited.” (about potentially being a part of The Fast and Furious series) Gina doesn’t know if the Rihanna (joining Fast 6 as a villain) “rumor is true…I would love to see me and Rihanna go at it,” she said. “That would be hot.” (*update 05/03 – Rihanna’s rep confirmed to MTV news that “As far as I’m aware this is not true.”)
Carano says she still hasn’t seen Fassbender’s now legendary full frontal work in Shame. “I’ve never been asked about something as much as I have than about Michael’s penis,” she laughed. “I feel bad for him. What an awful thing to have to deal with.” (E!Online – Marc Malkin) (credit: swinjen)  
“We’re still in negotiations (on Fast 6) and everything’s going smoothly, but it really looks like this is going to happen…I’m geeked out.”
Gina Carano has moved to Los Angeles and joined the stunt choreography team from Haywire – 87Eleven, full-time. “We’re doing all sorts of martial arts that I wasn’t able to practice when I was doing MMA,” said Carano. “I’m really broadening my horizon as far as my skills go. Some days I’m doing tae kwon do, some days it’s judo, some days it’s boxing or muay Thai or swordplay or gymnastics. I’m getting my fix in without meaning to.”
“(The 87Eleven team is) every 12-year-old boy’s dream because you’re kicking and jumping and flipping around …I fall in love with athletes and actors for their art and how they express it – not necessarily if they’re winning all of their fights or if they’re getting all the best roles in the movies,” … “I think a part of what makes the kick-fighting [part of MMA] exciting and in watching guys like Jon Jones is the creativity. That spark has really ignited again in my life in being creative and using your body in creative ways.”
After Fast 6, which shoots in London during the summer Olympics, Carano plans to film In The Blood, an action thriller set in the Caribbean. Carano said she hasn’t been able to completely stifle her urges to return to MMA someday but understands she’s broadening the appeal of female fighters in the mainstream with her new career. Responses like the one Invicta FC got are only the beginning, she said.
“There’s no women like this in the world. I know the life and what these women go through everyday. They’re an inspiration to me to keep going with […]

Gina Carano on the prospect of The Fast and Furious 6, recollecting Haywire, karoake & more…(*updated 04/30)

Posted by: p0d on April 27, 2012


-Gina shows a reporter how to wrap hands (PaulaLamas)
-recalling Haywire, going from it to Fast 6, & more (MTV –  @KPSull)
-her action role and responsibility, & more (MTV – @KPSull)
-her background, the men of Haywire, & more ( StarPulse)
-musicals, karoake, feminine strength , & more (TheInsider)

“We got a call about two weeks ago to do ‘The Fast and the Furious 6,“ Carano said. “We’re in negotiations for that, so if that goes through, that will be a really cool opportunity for me to get my feet wet on another big-budget film and be around all these different types of actors.” Carano seemed pleased at the idea of appealing to different bases of fans within the action genre, moving from the art-house appeal of “Haywire” to the mainstream explosions of “Fast & Furious.”
“I’m going to go from the ‘Haywire’ crew to the ‘Fast 6’ crew, so I’m going to get a very broad range of knowledge as far as people go,” she said. “It’s like two different high school groups. You’ve got the very artistic, and then you’ve got the action group of athletes, like hard-core. Very different personalities there.” Carano is in negotiations to play a member of Dwayne Johnson’s team in the upcoming sequel directed by “Fast Five” helmer Justin Lin. As for whether Carano has begun sizing up her soon-to-be castmates, she said that’s not something she has to think about.
“No, I’m pretty secure. I don’t need to size anybody up. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about giving a good performance and understanding my character. That’s what I’ll focus on.” The actress wouldn’t say for sure how close she was to signing on, but remained optimistic about her prospects.
“It will be really good for me, and I’m completely open to it,” Carano said. “If negotiations go good, we’ll probably start filming that.” (..continued)
(MTV.com – Kevin P. Sullivan @KPSull )

Gina Carano – more at ActionFest 2012, also featuring Cung Le & JJ Perry (*updated 4-20-12)

Posted by: p0d on April 17, 2012

Chick Norris Award winner Gina Carano, speaks about authenticity in action films & more:

– in a ReelzChannel video (Reelz.com)
– in an interview with The Action Flick Chick –MTV (MTV.com, ActionFlickChick.com)
– with JJ Perry & Cung Le, giving ten ways to make better action films (Movies.com)
Then, Fight Director of the Year JJ Perry, expounds on his craft, as well as past & current projects. (ActionFest.com, Craveonline.com)

Let’s begin with how you became an MMA fighter.
I was just kind of going to college because that was what everybody around me told me to do. I didn’t have any passion and trying to find myself. I was dating a guy at the time who loved Bruce Lee. One night we were all hanging out drinking 40s, and he was like, “You know what? I’m gonna be done with this life. I’m gonna lose you if I don’t improve my life.” So he went the next day to Master Toddy’s Muay Thai. I would go and watch him. Finally, the Thai master to me, “Oh baby, you need to lose weight. You fat.” And I was like, “Oh God, like, okay.” I signed up for lessons with him, and five months later I found myself in San Francisco in a little tiny gym, kind of like a “Fight Club”-type of scenario. And I was fighting. Ever since I did that, I was just kind of addicted to it.
Do you have go-to badass move?
I was in a fight in high school, and I overhand-righted this girl because she started attacking me at a basketball game. My first ever fight! I’ve had professional fighters come up to me and ask me about my overhand-right. It just came so naturally. (…continued)
(credit jr)

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