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Haywire Trailer 3 in HD

Posted by: Jen on November 19, 2011

Another new Haywire Trailer in such a short amount of time?  This is starting to look similar to the new release schedule of each version of Firefox. Oh wait, this isn’t an official trailer but still a great one by a Gina Carano Fan who is long overdue some props.

Haywire 1 Trailer
Haywire 2 Trailer
Some Other Great Videos by Nathan:
Gina Carano Tribute 1
Gina Carano Tribute 2
Gina Carano vs Cris Cyborg War
Gina Carano The Art of Fight
So which Haywire Trailer is your favorite?

AFI Festival ‘Haywire’ screening and star panel: videos, pics and reviews

Posted by: p0d on November 7, 2011

The AFI fest’s secret screening took place yesterday and the film was none other than ‘Haywire’. It’s star, new action heroine Gina Carano, director Steven Soderbergh, noted actors Ewan McGregor and Michael Fassbender were the special guests on hand.

“…A handsome, black-haired hardbody who wears an evening dress as easily as she does a hoodie, Carano exudes the sort of self-confidence and physical wherewithal that leaves no doubt she can prevail in any situation…In this, Haywire entirely and winningly succeeds…The script makes no attempt to assert its plausibility or realism; it is, instead, refreshingly frank about what it is, a simple, workable framework for the melees and mayhem…The fine use of locations, elegantly mobile shooting style and hair-trigger editing are all in line with what one expects from Soderbergh…The director shrewdly determined what she could and perhaps couldn’t do, and she delivered with a turn that makes other actresses who have attempted such roles, no matter how toned and buff they became, look like pretenders.” – Todd McCarthy (HollywoodReporter.com)
                       (credit: JChap2, Lara, GGB, O_O, & swinjen)

Haywire poster & UK version trailer

Posted by: p0d on October 7, 2011


credit:swinjen (ugo.com) (firstshowing.net)

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