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Gina Carano on: Fast 6, respecting costars, ramping up character development & action, privacy, and more

Posted by: p0d on May 24, 2013

Gina Carano recently spoke in-depth to The Nerdist.com, CraveOnline.com, Collider.com, & more.
You got to be the lead in your first movie, Haywire. What was it like to share in the ensemble of a Fast and the Furious movie?
We sort of get Girlfight vs. Haywire in this movie when you fight Michelle Rodriguez.
We really liked Haywire, but you got to be a couple shades lighter with your personality in this film. How do you feel you’re growing as an actress?

Gina Carano’s early thoughts on Fast 6, The Rock, other co-stars and more

Posted by: p0d on May 13, 2012

Gina Carano shares her early thoughts on Fast 6, her co-stars and recounts Haywire to top UK based film site – Filmoria.com 
First of all, congratulations on your success in Haywire. How did you get involved in the role of Mallory Kane?                                      -Steven Soderbergh actually saw me fighting on CBS and then gave my management and agent a call. I’d just lost my first fight to Cyborg so I was just kinda depressed and he took the train up from LA and we had a four hour lunch. He asked if I wanted to do a movie and I was like, ‘yeah sure’ and then he went on to say he didn’t have a script, producers or actors confirmed and explained him and writer Lem Dobbs would get working on it. It was incredible how fast it moved. The script ended up being good for me as Mallory is nothing like me and then he (Soderbergh) had me train with a secret service guy for seven months instead of an acting coach.
It must have been an overwhelming experience being touted by a top Hollywood director. How did you feel when you got the call and met up?
-I’m from the fighting world so I didn’t really know who Steven Soderbergh was. I didn’t really know anyone’s names so I was very clueless on Hollywood. Since then, I have received the full education, believe me, and after it’s all said and done, I look back and can’t believe he did what he did and I couldn’t be more grateful.   (continued…)
(James Thompson – @thommojo3)

another Co-star quote: Channing Tatum on Gina Carano

Posted by: p0d on May 1, 2011

 At first, Tatum didn’t like the idea  of being in a female (led) action movie.
“I said (to my wife) find a girl who could whoop up on me…and they did. She’s great. For somebody that’s never acted before, she seemed like she had. She worked really hard. (click here for video interview including notes on Haywire)
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