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critics’ consensus: Haywire – a good genre jaunt for Soderbergh & Gina Carano is your new action heroine

Posted by: p0d on January 21, 2012


-“Haywire a refreshing changeup (from quick-cuts and stunt-doubling in action films)…plays like an indy version of franchises such as Mission:Impossible.“
-“Gina Carano makes a spectacular debut…a few line readings are a bit flat, but she has an enormously appealing, natural screen presence…think The Rock, only way cuter…a memorable debut” (ReelzChannel)
ROGER EBERT – Sun Times: (3 out of 4 stars)
-“Carano can hold her own…I expect her to become a considerable box-office success, because the fact is, within a limited range, she’s good.”
-“Haywire has no lasting significance…but(is) a first-rate genre thriller.” –

Peter Travers – Rolling Stone: (3.5 out of 4 stars)
“She more than holds her own with the big boys…Carano is poetry in kick-ass motion.”
“Haywire comes close to achieving Soderbergh’s goal of creating “a Pam Grier movie made by Alfred Hitchcock.”

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Soderbergh on Gina’s voice alternation work

Posted by: mkygod on January 14, 2012

In an interview for Vulture magazine, director Steven Soderbergh clarified on what went into altering Gina’s voice in Haywire:
That’s not really her speaking voice. We spent a lot of time in post working really hard on her voice, and we used every trick imaginable that’s used on records today — in the editing, in the pitch. We combined five different readings in one sentence. We wanted her to sound different — not like Gina, but like her character, Mallory Kane. So that took a lot of work, and we worked really hard on it. That was the point of it. Everyone under the age of 30 is terrified of Gina, but Mallory is someone new.
This perhaps extinguishes the rumors that her voice was replaced with that of another voice actress.

appearance: Gina Carano to San Diego Comic-Con

Posted by: p0d on June 24, 2011

Gina Carano and director Steven Soderbergh are reported to be attending the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con to promote the mma star’s feature film debut – Haywire.

Friday, July 22:
9:00: drawing for line tickets in the autograph area
12:15 – 1:15: Panel in Hall H (along with the film “Raven”)
1:00 – 1:45:  AA4 – ticket winner autograph signing
Full Schedule

credit: GGB, JChap2 & Joe
source: comic-con.org

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