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character profile: Angel Dust – @ginacarano in the upcoming Deadpool movie

Posted by: p0d on February 13, 2015

A lost daughter & member of the mutant outcasts, The Morlocks (created by Geoff Johns & Shawn Martinborough) is Angel Dust, played by Gina Carano. The film stars Ryan Reynolds as the infamously wise-cracking assassin. Production is set to begin soon in Vancouver and the release date is Feb 12th, 2016. Just how a member of an underground band of mutants is involved is yet unknown.
Living a normal suburban life, one day Christine began to exhibit her genetic mutation. Afraid of what her friends and family would think (& the danger they would encounter) she left her home & joined a group of mutant outcasts. Check out her 1st appearance run – Morlocks #1-4 (1992)
name:   ..      Christine (last name unknown) aka Angel Dust
affiliations:    Morlocks (Chicago): Electric Eve, Postman, Cell, Litterbug, Trader
aliases:     …Angel, Dusty
powers:    ….ability to increase andrenalin resulting in superhuman strength (800lbs – 25 tons) …………….. upon utilizing her powers dark lines appear on her face
enemies:     ..Sentinels, Dr. Metellus
(credit: EoinA)                                                                                                                               (sources: TheHollyWoodReporter, Marvel.com, Marvelunapp.com)

all about “EXTRACTION” – Gina’s latest upcoming movie (*Continually updated for production news)

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Already sold to markets across the globe, the action thriller Extraction, stars film veteran Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz, and now Gina Carano. Willis is reported to play an ex-CIA agent grieving the loss of his murdered wife. Embroiled in conspiracy and counter-terrorism, he is captured and his son Harry (Lutz, who is following in his father’s footsteps as an agent) embarks on a rogue rescue mission. Gina plays Victoria, the agent tasked with hunting him down.  TheHollywoodReporter.com   Deadline.com   (credit: EoinA, paul, Hey-Why-Her)
Visit the official movie facebook page (click here)
*update 02-18-15*  Film production reportedly began yesterday in Alabama. Gina was seen a couple of days ago traveling to location along with actors Kellan Lutz, Dan Bilzerian, and Extraction film producers Randall Emmett, and George Furla.

* last updated 03-15-15
(production wrapped 03-08-15)


Gina shared a bit more about her role, revisiting Alabama (since filming BUS657 there not too long ago) & UFC 184.
“It is the nicest feeling on the planet to come back to Mobile…This place kind of feels like home.”
“They hire me to help Harry find Leonard…We used to date so we have a very funny dynamic. I can have fun” with the role.
(on a local artist she met while filming BUS 657) “I have a homeless buddy who draws pictures of people and I take people to get their pictures done by him. Last time I was here I took people from the set,” she said. “His name is Al, but I call him ‘Maestro.’”
(credit: Gleroy87) (read more at: Al.com – Tamara Ikenberg)

(credit: cranbone)
*author’s note  03-15-15     Due to issues with site mgmt this will be my last article (although one more fan experience story which has been planned for a bit may be coming). Thanks to all the fellow fans who’ve contributed to any of the near 100 articles I’ve done. Regardless if I was already on it, I always tried to give credit to whoever linked the source material. Amazingly. our efforts resulted in contact with Gina herself, and for awhile we were her official fan-site. Yet, I still wish I could’ve done alot more. Helping in any way to spread the good word about this real-life Wonder-Woman, and her awesome effect on people has been a pleasure.    – p0d

Gina Carano joins her Bus657 co-star Dave Bautista & former director John Stockwell in classic action remake

Posted by: p0d on December 8, 2014

Gina will appear in the Kickboxer remake that is currently filming. In addition to Stockwell and Bautista, she joins acclaimed stunt choreographer – Larnell Stovall, and her fight world luminaries: Georges St.Pierre, Joe Valtellini, & Joe Schilling. Gina is reported to be playing a fight promoter, as described by the head of the production company (Radar Films – Ted Field) in this quote – “It will be fun to watch Gina as the sneaky and dangerous temptress, a boa constrictor of this fighting jungle.” Alain Moussi, will be playing the role originally done by action film legend – Jean Claude Van Damme, who will fill the role originally played by Dennis Chan. (HollywoodReporter.com)
*update 12/11/14 – 12/16/14: checkout these off set pics of Gina and the cast & crew:

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