Win a Haywire Prize Package! Autographed Poster, Pillow and DVD’s – 3 Chances to Win

Posted by: Jen on January 12, 2012

Haywire prize package

Haywire pillow

Haywire poster autographed

Steven soderbergh movies

3 chances to win a Haywire Prize Package for the upcoming movie Haywire.

#1 Prize Package:
Includes a Haywire mini poster, rubber bracelet and a Haywire T-shirt.

#2 Prize Package:
Includes Haywire pillow, T-shirt and poster autographed by Gina Carano, Channing Tatum and Ewan McGregor

#3 Prize Package:
Includes Haywire T-shirt and Steven Soderbergh movies Oceans’s 11/12/13 + new release Contagion

Only 1 entry allowed
Must be U.S. Resident
Ends on Sunday January 22, 2012

It’s easy to enter, just fill in your email address in the fill below and you’ll be automatically entered into the contest.

Update 01/16/12:  Now includes the rare Haywire Pillow
Update 01/19/12:  Now 3 separate prize packages added DVD’s & Poster
Update 01/23/12:  Winners announced

No Purchase Necessary

And The Winners Are:

Prize #1
Kyle V.
From Pittsburg, Illinois

Prize #2
Jesse V.
From Elyria, Ohio

Prize #3
Bradley V.
From Miami, Florida

** Emails sent to winners.  All Entries were placed in spreadsheet and then using an independent 3rd party numbers were randomly selected.

  • Nikki Mitchell

    Can’t wait for Haywire!!! Excited to see Gina kick butt!!!

  • Kick ass trailer to a kick ass movie can’t wait to see her in that bad ass Mitsubishi Evo X. I love the car.

  • Jaymie Flores

    Aw Gina look so pretty when signing autographs I can’t wait to see Haywire also. proud 2 be her fan..:)

  • Linda R

    Gina, do you tour? Where can I find your schedule? My daughter is a fan.

  • jane

    Sorry to say this but it’s not fair the contest to be for US residents only. What about all other people who would like to enter, try to win and they can’t? It isn’t fair!

    • Jen

      Due to the cost and different shipping requirements for each country it would be difficult to be able to ship overseas.

  • Angelique

    I agree Jane. Most of these competitions are for US residents, as though the rest of the world just isn’t good enough to take part or something. There are fans around the world, and if only the US residents supported films/music/whatever, they wouldn’t be as successful. So it’s only fair that everyone gets a shot.

    • Bob S.

      I know you’re unhappy, but have you checked the price on international mail? If I win..I’ll send you part of the prize, ok? 🙂

  • Jen

    Big thanks to Relativity Media for donating the awesome prizes!

  • rico ballestrasse

    Yo Gina it’s all about kicking ass and taking names congrats on your first role in the business I was able to catch a few of your interviews so refreshing to see someone on the rise who hasn’t been jaded by hollyweird stay true to yourself!!! keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer, have someone in your circle of trust who will alway’s tell you the truth! Remember the fight is the easy part but what happens when the lights go out, and the crowd’s go home…take time picking your next role it will be even more important than your first trust me on this. Ciao 4 now god bless Rico

  • Cort Kern

    Please and thank you for autographed poster and contest!

  • Bob S.

    Had never heard of Gina before going to see “Haywire” yesterday….and can’t wait to go see it a second time this week! She is totally kick ass!A new action star is born that is totally believeable..she’s beautiful, but not one of those overstuffed, over the top actresses you usually see in Hollywood! Please…let’s see a series of Gina and Michael Douglas films to compete with Bourne. Congrats to Soderberg!

  • Alejandro

    buuuh im not from the usa , im from the baja area but i have a P.O box can i get it?