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Gina’s In The Blood Interview

Posted by: Angelique on August 16, 2013

Tweet spoke to Gina about her next movie, “In The Blood“, in an exclusive interview. This film will be Gina’s 3rd, after success in “Haywire” and “Fast 6”.
CS: How did “In the Blood” begin for you?
Gina Carano: It just came! I got it a long time ago. I remember reading the script for it and I called my agent and was like, “Look, I really like this script.” I kind of connected with it immediately. Sometimes I’ll get scripts and they’re hard to get through or I don’t really connect with it. This is one script, though, that I just really connected with and really wanted to do. I called my agent and was like, “I want to make this happen.” I had been in London shooting “Fast & Furious”. Two days after I got done shooting, I went straight to Puerto Rico and was wearing a wedding dress, filming there.
CS: It seems like such a quick transition you’ve made from being an MMA fighter to being an actress. What’s the long-range career plan on your part?
Carano: It’s kind of interesting. You have your first couple of films and you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. You’re kind of going off of everybody else. Thank God I was surrounded by so many great people on “Haywire”. It was such a great first experience with “Haywire” and then I got to continue that experience with “Fast & the Furious 6”. It was a completely different group of people, but they were all wonderful. I started really enjoying getting into the acting part of it. Displaying your emotions on film as well as being physical. I think it’s really in “In the Blood” that I really got the bug. It’s one of the best feelings in the world being able to successfully get your emotions across.
CS: What would you say is the biggest thing that has surprised you about acting as a career?
Carano: Cinematographers can see everything. They look through that little lens and everything is just right there. They can see all your faults and you have to come across as genuine. I think that really understanding your character and being able to make that a believable thing is something pretty special. I think that actors work their whole lives to get the opportunities that I’ve gotten. For me to play catch-up in that short a time was not as easy as it looks. […]