Gina Carano Fan Questions and Answers

Posted by: Jen on March 15, 2012

Gina Carano fan questions and answersNot too long ago, we asked the fans to come up with some questions they would like to ask Gina Carano. In less than 24 hours, we got a lot of great questions.

Here is the exclusive list of the questions and the responses from the #1 female MMA action moviestar, Gina Carano!


Haywire Questions

Name: Kevin
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

1. What’s it like to be the leading role for the film haywire?

It was one of the most blessed experiences of my life.

Name: Mel
Location: Rockville, CT

1. How did you train and prepare for this movie and was it different than any of your normal training?

3 hours of stunts a day, 3 hours of bootcamp, and then 2 hours of strength and conditioning

2. What martial art is used in the film?

The ass kicking kind. 😉

Name: Daniel
Location: Dallas, TX

1. What was your favorite part when filming Haywire?

Waking up everyday and absolutely loving what I was doing. Everyday was a new surprise.

Name: Binh Lam
Location: Orange County, CA

1. There have been many comparisons between Haywire and the Bourne Trilogy. Who would win in a fight between Mallory and Jason Bourne and by what method?

Jason would probably rather recruit her.

Name: JChap2
Location: Charlotte, NC

1. Gina, your grandparents were adorable at the premiere! Other than obviously being extremely proud, what did they think of Haywire? Was it a little intense for them? 🙂

Sitting next to my Papa and Grandmama on the way to the premier put tears in my eyes, there’s no words to describe sharing a moment like that with them..

2. Gina, is there a specific actor you’d REALLY like to work with in the future? (other than Johnny Depp! HAha!)

Nope, just Johnny.. if we could just make that happen already I could get back to fighting.. haaa Just kidding, no there is a lot of people Id love to work with absolutely.

Name: DeborahWhoHasYourPower
Location: Virginia
Hi Gina, First I want to say Congratulations on Haywire! How exciting for you, looks like you are kicking some serious butt!! You rock in the trailer, can’t wait to see it!

1. How do you like being an Actress compared to the other things you do? I love it. I have so much to learn but thats what I like about it.

It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun and I have a lot to learn also, it’s pretty new to me so it’s easy to be passionate about it.

Lots of love & hugs!

Name: Ribbentjärn
Location: Sweden
Questions: Hi Gina! i am a theater/actor student(but i am also a MMA and American sport fan 😛 ) from sweden and i know you probably get this a lot but i just have to say it,I am a big fan of you and i consider you as one of the most beautiful women in the world! but now on to my question,

1. I think u are a great actress, was it easy for you to play against all these big names i Haywire or was it difficult??

It was beautiful. I never felt so comfortable with a group of guys.

Take care!

Name: Chuzzy
Location: Nottingham. England

1. Will you ever visit England?


2. Will you be making any more action films?


Name: Swinjen
Location: Winona, MS

1. With haywire being an action adventure movie, if u were to continue in movies what other genre would u like to tackle?

A dark romance.

2. What do u think of the score that david holmes provided for the movie and the artwork that niel kellerhouse did for the marketing?

I thought they were perfect for the film. They both represented the movie how it is.. authentic.

3. And this is coming from the comic book fan in me. if u were ever really approached for the role of wonder woman would u wear the traditional costume or the redesign that has pants?

I think if Wonder Woman came to this planet she would be a little out of place, still very dominant and inspiring but it could be more played like a Hancock meets Encino Man, with a female lead. Haa I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else but that’s the way Id want to see her. Id like to see the vulnerability in her as well as her strengths in a realistic way is what I mean. (redesign outfit for sure)

4. Have u seen any good movies lately?

I laughed so hard in Wanderlust and Im looking forward to Hunger Games..

Name: Lindsay
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

1. What is your all time favorite movie to watch? I am a huge fan of yours and I wanted to know who you are a fan of?

TRUE ROMANCE! and I’m a fan of all different type of humans.

MMA and Fitness Questions

Name:  Stones1005
Location:     Pittsburgh, PA

1. What motivated you to fight? Were you picked on as a child? In grade school I was, and as I got older I just didn’t want to take anybody’s crap– so I didn’t!! lol Take care, Joe

It just ended up being something I responded to. Funny the things that make us want to get up and live.

Name:  Bleader
Location:     Kuwait

1.  How many day you train in a week ? and how many hour a day?

That varies.. training for movies, training to be healthy and training for fights are all very different.

Name:  Skylar
Location:     California

1.  What’s your favorite work out?

Today… I think Id like to dance.

2.  What is the best way to get into the professional fight circuit?

Get in the amateur fight circuit and when your ready, listen to your coaches and.. your ready.

Name:  Jobe
Location:     Atlantic Beach, FL

What advice would you give a woman wanting to get into the sport of MMA?

Do it because you want to, not for any other reasons. You’ll get hurt if your hearts not in the right place.

Name:  McKennakid
Location:     Barrington, RI

1.  Hey Gina, you’re amazing! I was wondering how old you were when you began training and what made you decide to head in the direction you did. I’m 24 and wondering if you think it’s too late for me to learn to fight, thanks so much and keep on wrecking it in the ring!!

Start training and see if you like it, then go from there.

Name:  B
Location:     Chicago, IL
Questions: Q:

1.  Gina, I’ve met awesome people just from being a fan of yours. In particular, 3 girls who’ve been inspired to Muay Thai because of you. Without any info on how they are & have newly taken to fighting, please give each of them 1 piece of advice, or anything that comes to mind.

Train Hard.
Have fun.
Leave everything you are at that moment in the ring or cage.

Name:  Jordan57FRA
Location:     France

1.  I’m French. Did you already go in France?

I have visited and Ill def be back.

2.  MMA is illegal in France. What could you say to our minister of sports to legalize MMA?

MMA brings people together and teaches them respect, not just for themselves and their gyms but for other martial arts, other cultures, and people in general.

You are anyway my idol. Thank you Gina.
I wish you all the best!

Name:  Guillaume
Location:     Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada

1.  Hello Gina.  With your role in haywire, you are now a great actress. Personally, I’m a big fan of you since your early career in WMMA. Gina, you expressed your doubts about a possible return in the cage of WMMA. Whatever is your final decision, I will support you fully. But I want to know,  if you decide to devote your career in acting, Are you planning a last farewell fight for your loyal fan :).

Anyway, thank you for everything you did Gina !

We will see.. and thank you very much.

Name:  Redneck oz
Location:     Melbourne, Australia

1. What female fighters impress you the most these days?

Kerry Vera, Ronda Rousey, Holly Holmes, Marloes Coenen.

Name:  Jeff
Location:     Montreal, Canada

1. What was your most enjoyable fight

Julie Kedzie… she’s my friend now and has such a great energy about her, no wonder why that fight was so fun.

Personal Questions

Name:  Michael
Location:     Lima, OH

1.  If you were a superhero, what power would you have?


Name:  Shelly
Location:     Trinidad and Tobago

1.  What do you use as inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or uncertain about your yourself?

Music and the knowledge that this too shall pass. It’s not all bad to be discouraged actually, (as bad as it feels at that moment) its your subconscious pushing you to try harder in a way and telling you what it doesn’t want and then you have to tell your subconscious to shut up cause your working on it! haa. One day at a time.

Name:  Denjayb (Dennis)
Location:     New York, NY

1.  What is your favorite Italian dish?

Today… My family’s mushroom raviolis but I’m eating healthy so thank goodness I’m not in Reno.

Name:  Jr
Location:     Florida

1.  In an interview you mentioned that you thought at one point you’d be playing drums. Do you play or have you played? Is it something that still interests you?
How important is music to you?

Where would we be without music… It gets me through a day. I used to have a drum set, now I have a guitar hero.

Name:  Damir
Location:     Zaragoza, Spain

1.  I was born exactly the same day and year as Gina, I would like to know if she is the typical Aries.

I don’t like the word typical, is that something an Aries would say. 😉

Name:  Leigha Warner
Location:     Olymia WA

1.  I would like to know what *we* your dare I say “old school” fans can do to support/help you and this next phase of your career? (congrats by the way it was yours for the taking and you rock for showing up for it I appreciate the inspiration)

You all are doing more than you know. I am aware I have some of the most beautiful hearted, genuine people who follow my career and I hope your lives are full of rich passion and wonderful love in whatever you do.


  • Carlos Diaz

    Gina I admire you as a fighter and beauty you are… am a fighter myself. I would see your new movie Haywire. I admire you by the way am from Dallas your hometown. I hope you are a Cowboys fan! take care.

  • Joe

    where can we see the interview?

  • Hi,
    I kno u seem to be very private but i wanted to kno do you plan to return to MMA fighting, continue with Acting, or venture into other projects? also i wanted to know what would be your perfect/ideal date?

  • john walls

    Saw your film today and was very impressed. You seemed very natural on screen and the fight scenes where some of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m looking forward to your next movie, of which I hope there will be many. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  • sandra

    queria saber si gina vendra a la argentina a hacer alguna presentacion ya sea por las luchas o por la pelicula. las mma en argentina esta en pleno crecimiento y tiene muchos seguidores. Aca funciona muy bien el boxeo femenino, hay buenas representantes. Seria bueno que viniera, vendra?

  • Joanna

    Hi Gina, we are very interested in interviewing you on our sport radio show in FL. The guys that I work with LOVEEEE you and we would be so honored to have you on the show. The show in on Monday – Friday on 940 WINZ and it’s called The Amigo and Dizz. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you!! 🙂

  • Hi Gina,

    I saw yesterday your movie Haywire, find him very well. What I wanted to ask you, do you want to make more movies or are you going back to the martial arts?
    Because I’m an Aries too and have a birthday on the same day like you have (it’s not a joke), how much Aries is in you?

    And one more personal question Gina, I do not see you as a VIP or so, but what are the chances that a normal man (not a MMA fighter, actor, singer or something like a VIP) may invite you for a drink or a meal? date? or something like that, so just He can meet you?

    Gina, I hope you will make more movies, because as actress you are just good as a MMA fighter. Sorry for my not so perfect english, I’am not from the USA ;))

  • p0d

    I couldn’t really think of any questions at the time!

    ugh, now I got a million of em; I could kill myself. 🙁

  • Charles J. Slavis, Jr.

    I have a deviated septum, torn acl,and a compound dislocated pinky from football so never took up martial arts….my legs wouldn’t survive it. I respect your courage and hope you are well. Please let us know if you are ok now…..that was a frightening fight…..

  • Sarah

    How can I ask Gina a question

  • Ibrahim

    Haywire was absolutely amazing. I wish you fought Antonio Bandares at the end. I think the next movie would be Bourne & Gina in Bourne Dual. Since you switched careers, would you (honestly) go back to WMMA fighting? I admire you as a person & idol. Best wishes in your endeavor.

  • yasser

    HI Gina
    Im Yasser khelifi from TUNISIA
    I consider you the most beautiful and elegant woman in the world of fighting sports that my opinion about women.
    My opinion about men I consider dave batista the most handsome and elegant man in the world of fighting
    What is your opinion about this big man ! and I search other woman fighter most prettiest than you … can help me gina !!

  • when did you get so hot? and are you single?

  • Sarah

    Bobby your a sick pig, leave her alone why the hell would you ask that .

  • ??

    you are very beautiful, like a japanese cherry blossom

  • hey hey sarah relax, he was just joking that’s all.

  • wilmer castro

    gina god bless you for being a wonderful human being. stay strong meditate; be you.enjoy your new career acting among the big stars.enjoy life and keep striving everything you do with much passion. as for a rematch with ms cyborg woop her in your hometown more match. you r to pretty to get that face hurt.ill look forward to collect all your movies. huge fan.

  • Charles

    Gina, you’re tough, beautiful and you’re the best at what you do.

  • Charles Asuquo

    Gina, you’re tough, beautiful and you’re the best at what you do. I can’t wait for Fast and Furious 6 to come out.

  • Émilie

    Now that women enter into the UFC,would you like to make your place there??

  • Joil Vilhalva

    Gina gostei muito da sua luta com a Cris, incrível! acho que você esta aonde esta por ser verdadeiramente uma campeã de mão cheia! Quando vem ao Brasil? Felicidades…

  • iqran ansari

    you are very beautiful i am big fan for you 🙂

  • If you could spare a fan,what would it take to set that up?

  • elias

    i love you gina :* you are the best on the world =* and you are the most beautiful of all 🙂

  • hi gina….hw r u?im ur realy fan…when i c mv fast n furious 6….ur next mv?

  • iqran

    hey hi gina profile picture looking beautiful

  • Vijendra

    Hey Gina! you changed the definition of actress, earlier only actors were did action, fights and stunts but you are doing better. You are really tough beautiful lady. Who is your inspiration and whats your next movie? Good luck and god bless you, Thanks…….

  • Vijendra

    When we can expect Haywire 3?

  • Øyvind

    Hi Gina.
    I am a Norwegian man who are a big fan of you.
    I have seen Hywire ,Lost and F&F 6 .
    I hope come in any films in the future.
    You have got all you can in your life.
    You are so beutifull ,Warm heart , and you sport interest.
    Hope you will come near Norway ,so I can see you fight.

    An last. i have alot of photos of folk who are stars .
    So I hope I can get a photo with a hallo to me and autograp.

    Mybe to my uncle boys who are a big fan of you too.
    Do you have facebook account ????
    Have a nice day and I am looking for next movie .

  • Aswathi

    Hi, Would you like to train anyone in future? If yes, how would you choose them?