Gina Carano In GQ Magazine

Posted by: Jen on December 20, 2011

Gina carano gqOne hot Gina Carano GQ picture which some are calling the best one of all-time.

“On the surface, it’s like countless other action films starring women: Steven Soderbergh’s
Haywire focuses on a beautiful, toughas-nails secret agent who beats the living crap out of the men who get in her way (including Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender). The difference is that this time the star—Gina Carano, a.k.a. the Face of Women’s MMA—could, in fact, kill you with her foot.”


Gina Carano will also be in the January edition of Elle Magazine.

Source: Magazine Article, Behind the Scenes Video

Credit:  Special thanks to GQ Magazine for sending us the Gina Carano GQ HD Photo


  • fastold

    wow she looks great in that photo

  • I am a bit surprised that this Gina scan got as popular as it did. I scanned it a week ago and now, a week later, everyone is going bonkers over it!

    BTW, it was the only reason I bought the issue of GQ (the Paula Patton pic was just thrown in as an extra). 🙂

  • Nodari

    yep, she always looks Great…

  • Steve

    Jesus christ! O_o

    This is just ridiculously sexy! Damm..