Gina to return early Summer

Posted by: Jen on October 30, 2009

We’ve all been left wondering when is Gina gonna fight again? Well, that question was answered in an interview with Scott Coker from The MMA Hour.

Coker suggested that she will return to action around late second quarter which means early summer. I know most are eager to see her get back into action, but first she will start shooting her role in Steven Soderbergh movie, Knockout. Gina is determined to stay within the 145lb woman’s division when she returns. Stay tuned for more on her comeback.

Cute Gina return early Summer

  • mark mayer

    gina , follow your heart. if you decide to fight again , great! if not , i’m sure that what ever endeavor you choose will be awesome. if you decide to become a permanent fixture on sesame street , i would suport your decision. why , because you are by far one of the most beautiful women on this planet. i just want to see you happy. face of an angel , body of a goddess , and a heart of gold. do what you do gina. proud of ya.