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Gina Carano Fan Experience: taking hard hits & still moving forward

Posted by: p0d on June 25, 2012


“My entire life has been
My name is Chandra. I am a 21 year old girl. My entire life has been one long battle. I’ve had to fight for myself from an extremely young age as my father killed himself when I was 5 years old. My life hit a downward spiral. After living in many different homes, I have finally found myself and discovered that I am not my past or my circumstances. I have become a stronger person and I have Muay Thai and Gina Carano to thank for that. I have been practicing Muay Thai for 6 months now, during which time I have secured a future for myself by working hard as I was accepted into University to get my teaching degree in Language. I saw Gina Carano in  Fight Girls, and watching her gave me the strength I needed to pull myself out of the hole I was in. Gina’s genuine spirit and fighter’s heart is what pushed me to get my life on track again.

 I had my first fight this past weekend (The SASCA Championships)  I fought a woman who has been practicing the sport for four years. I held out for three rounds going the distance, but was completely out of my league. Every time I hit that ring floor or had the wind knocked out of me, I kept thinking about what Gina would have done, so I stood up and took my beating. Proving my confidence was worth the worst hits of a black eye and bloody mouth. After I finish University, my dream is to become a professional Muay Thai fighter and meet Gina Carano. If I could say anything to Gina, it would be thank you. Thank you for inspiring me; you have no idea I exist but the impact you have made on my life is phenomenal. If I achieve none of my dreams, I know one wish came true, having a fighter’s heart. I know that every time that bell rings for the next round, I will keep trying. In life, I can hold my head high.


MMA spotlight: Liz Carmouche vs Sarah Kaufman

Posted by: p0d on July 19, 2011


Be sure to checkout StrikeForce Challengers: Bowling vs Voelker 3 on Friday, July, 22nd as former Marine and top 135lb fighter Liz Carmouche takes on former champion, Sarah Kaufman. (click for interviews)
previous comments on Gina Carano:
Liz Carmouche:
“…She has a great smile, that personality… So, she brings what people want to see, that gentle side of mma, but at the same time (she) can throw a punch, throw a kick, and take a shot. It’s kinda what the sport needs, a face that people find attractive, find as a normal woman, but at the same time (find) as a competitive athlete.”
Sarah Kaufman:
“It’s great that Gina’s been able to find an avenue where she’s making some decent money and making a living doing something she’s really enjoying. And being successful. Everything that she did, and she did a lot of media and things I’m sure she would have preferred not to do, that definitely helped us as females in the sport. She got that recognition of being on American Gladiators. I think that if she would have won the title fight when she fought Cris Cyborg it would be a different story when she took time off. But because she lost, it was her decision to take a step back and focus on something that was different. And if she wants to come back, she’s of course very welcome.”
(credit: F.J)

Randy Couture: Gina Carano still a part of Xtreme Couture

Posted by: p0d on April 15, 2011

According to the legendary fighter and head of the famed Las Vegas gym, Gina Carano is still with the Xtreme Couture Team. For weeks past, the fighter and soon to be leading movie star had been training at the New Mexico based Jackson/Winklejohn gym along with their stable of females, including  former opponent Julie Kedzie, & champion boxer turned mma fighter Holly Holm.
Couture: I think they have more females training down there & I think she wanted to get her camp jumpstarted.I’m all for it. I want all the fighters at my gym to go wherever they need to go to get what they need to progress & become the best fighters they can be. They can’t always get that at Xtreme Couture. She assured me she’s still a part of Xtreme Couture & I wasn’t worried about it anyway. She’s great for the sport. She’s a great person & I think she’s going to be fantastic this summer.”
source: MMA Junkie
credit: O_O

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