UFC 141 Gina Carano Interview with Mike Goldberg

Posted by: Jen on December 31, 2011

At UFC 141 Gina Carano did an interview with Mike Goldberg which she predicted Alistair Overeem would win.  She also promoted the movie Haywire.

Mike: How great was it to be in the movie Haywire?  Tell us about it.

Gina: It was one of the best experiences in my life. I got to be physical, I got to do stunts and I got to act with some the best actors. Work with the best director, Steven Soderbergh so it’s been pretty incredible.

Mike: I remember that day watching you rip the pads going this girl nasty. Then you had great success truly is a pioneer in mixed martial arts. But did you ever really believe it would lead to all of this?

Gina: I just kept my heart pure. I shoot for the stars so as long as you do that you’ll be happy no matter what. I just landing myself in some pretty cool places.

Mike: The one thing you talked is that you were able your great Muay Thai skills your athleticism on the set. Did they really put you to the test athletically?

Gina: Ya they really did! It was really a whole different ballgame stunt fighting but I definitely brought some Muay Thai Jujitsu and lot of ass kicking.

Mike:  I love it. I can’t wait to see it Haywire in theaters January 20th.

Also Gina Carano did a sexy dance in the crowd.  Gina Carano Sexy Dance Video

Credit: pOd

  • GGB

    Is there are video of the interview? All I see is a gif!

  • Ken

    Just click on the word Video.

  • mani

    Saw an interview of Gina with Ariel. I dont think that she is coming back to fight any more 🙁